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تعمیرگاه گیربکس اتوماتیک مهندس آرام

106, دماوند, تهران, Iran
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Ka Ka
2 years ago
I've got a car with a long white chassis. I got into the car after a fire, and after passing the wires off the gearbox in gear 4, I went to Mr. Aram and he saw the car and told me that day. You can take the car to the wiring. What should we do now? I'm going to open for you. Spend it myself, meaning that everyone else did not take at least one of my own or did not open the gearbox. Enterprises transmitted the gearbox from the gearbox to the tone There is an electrical problem, but Mr. Aram, the first one, without having to tell the story, advised me and he was Tshkrmv other thing is, I was very grateful that without me spending was up hatchback car