In preparation for major events, or when unforeseen disasters take hold, the Waze community updates the map with road closures and other obstructions, so everyone can bypass traffic and save time.

Download Waze and bypass closures related to these events:

Elevado da Perimetral Closure

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Elevado da Perimetral is closed and replaced since last weekend. Starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, the bridge between Viaduto do Gasômetro and Praça Mauá is definitely closed, and Via Binário is open. As any local knows, the Elevado da Perimetral closure is causing massive traffic delays. But, no need to fret, thanks to the Waze community! Waze maps are updated with the Elevado da Perimetral closure and all users are being routed around it, getting the fastest route possible.

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