Forum rules
The place to ask for help when editing in the UK.
  • If you need assistance with the Waze app, please post in the App forum unless you have a UK-specific problem.
  • Waze doesn't support vehicles other than normal-sized private cars, taxis, and motorcycles. Using Waze for commercial vehicles is not supported, and doing so is done at your own risk. Do not post requests to add width, weight, and height restrictions (or other restrictions related to Commercial Vehicles) to the Waze map.
  • This is NOT the place to request functionality to be added to Waze. Waze developers do not read these forums. Suggestions can be made in Waze UserVoice.
  • Requests for editing the map, including business changes, need to be made in the UK Editor Requests subforum.
Any posts in contravention of these rules will be moved or closed.

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