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Re: Waze Map Editor (WME) manual in the Wiki

Postby vince1612 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:44 pm

mariuss2807 wrote:Hello there,
Please help me unblock my permission to report map issues. I mailed waze administrator and tould me that i reported too much map issues and my local waze community suspended my permission to post. Please, can anyone help me?

Thank you!

If you make reports the same way that you post on the forum I am not surprised that you were flagged.. What made you think that posting in a thread started in 2011 and titled "Waze Map Editor (WME) manual in the Wiki" seemed like a good place to ask this question?

I cannot find any record of any community leader ever asking staff to block your account, which means that it was not the community, it was the system that flagged your account automatically.
See the help article here: https://support.google.com/waze/answer/ ... ic=6271038

When the block gets automatically lifted I strongly suggest you don't resume acting like you did here and be more diligent with the way that you make reports to avoid getting flagged again.
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