Map Editor major ver (Nov 5, 2012) Official Feedback

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Map Editor major ver (Nov 5, 2012) Official Feedback

Postby beffl » Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:11 pm

Is there a link available to get to the previous WME?

Tank you so much for your work,
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Map Editor major ver (Nov 5, 2012) Official Feedback

Postby shirlig » Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:29 pm

Hi guys,

We have just released a new major WME version. This version has been developed and tested for a long time and we'd like to thank our amazing beta testers for all their help and input.

What's new?

1) Improved UI including full screen map display
2) Play mode for new editors (before logging in)
2) Alternate street names
3) New tab for house numbers (in the editing panel)
4) Cones and old ranks are now synced and displayed everywhere as follows:

old rank 0 = 1 cone
old rank1 = 2 cones (currently not in use)
old rank 2 = 3 cones
old rank 3 = 4 cones
old rank 4 = 5 cones
old rank 5 = 6 cones (currently not in use)
old rank 6 = STAFF

5) New "area managers" layer
6) Ability to drag layers
7) Segments directions marked with A and B
8) New keyboard shortcuts available
for examples:
- highlight empty streets SHIFT+D
- Draw new gas station or parking lot P for parking G for gas station
See all keyboard shortcuts in the list ("Shift + ?")
9) Many bug fixes

I hope you guys will all enjoy these changes!
Please feel free to share your feedback...


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City names in alt names not checked at save

Postby skbun » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:20 pm

An alternate name street must also have the same city as the primary segment. (My emphasis added)

This may be a best practice, but it's not enforced by WME. Here's some bullet points of what's possible:

(When you click a segment, it has either a City (CityID) or (None), and a state as its primary, as we know.)
* If the primary segment has 'None' for a city, clicking 'alternate name' will put in a City field with 'None' checked, but you can uncheck it. This means alt can have a city even if the primary does not.
* If the box is unchecked, the suggested added city is the same as the primary segment, but the field is editable. You can change it to anything you like, including:
- A city name that doesn't exist in your state, which creates a new CityID (includes misspells)
- A city way way far away from where you are - a condition that's caught by checking the primary segment, but alt segments aren't checked (i.e, I could add an alt segment in Grand Coulee, WA to one in Burien, WA, and confirmed it has the same CityID with Timbones's highlight script)

Implicitly, the state and country of the segment you are working on is added to the alt text when you add that alt text. I suspect that if you live in an area where an irrational state or country is present (smudging), and add an alt text with that bad default in place, you'll add a city/state/country matching that bad data in the alt. You then MAY get an error when you try to save (primary segment is checked of course), but I'd bet money the alt text still has the bad CityID even if you fix the primary and save.

Research shows me that Timbones's highlighting script knows to 'get cities' with bad alt text, because it's a general 'show me all the cities in this area' query. However, it does not check alt properties, so if an alt text is smudging a city/state/country, that tool can't find it.

On that subject, there already exist segments with these properties; have a look at, segment 54594585.

Primary: Des Moines Way S, Burien, Washington, United States
Alt: Des Moines Memorial Dr, SeaTac
Alt2: Des Moines Way S, SeaTac

Since this was created in 2009 and last edited in February 2012, I must presume that this kind of 'bad city/state/country alt bounds checking' existed in Cartouche as it does here. We may need to be checking alt segment city, state, and country names for smudging, and I'm not even sure how we can do that at this point. Can Waze Colour Highlighting and WME Extended Tools be modified to check for these things?

Well, the thrust of this whole huge paragraph is, the javascript making alt street names in the first place has to lock down city to match exactly what the primary segment has. If the CityIDs don't match at save time, error out. We've got countless mismatches already, but now that we're down to one editor, at least we can stop more of them from showing up! Once that bounds checking is in place, It may also be worth Waze scrubbing all segments to make any alt CityID match the primary in that segment. It would save us countless hours of work.
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