Updating Dunkin Donuts location?

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Re: Updating Dunkin Donuts location?

Postby PhantomSoul » Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:33 pm

I've found that most UR's complaining about the wrong location of something is because Bing (or Google (or whichever directory you select from that list along the bottom of the screen on Waze when searching for a destination)) does not translate that destination's address to the correct lat/lon GPS location.

To resolve it, we need to relay the problem to Bing (or other directory if the UR specifies it) by reporting it to them, and then mark the UR as solved, since the issue is out of our hands.

Of course, if I can tell the complaint is invalid or otherwise bogus, I mark the UR as not identified.
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Re: Updating Dunkin Donuts location?

Postby rottielover » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:23 pm

PassengerofUnspeakableDOOM wrote:What is the recommended way to handle user created general errors regarding a "Dunkin Donuts in wrong place" report?

Here is what I was told on how to handle these:
1) mark solved - take no action
2) mark Not ID'd - take no action
3) Go over to Bing maps and submit the correct location on the map, then marked solved

The reason behind each:
1 - you've done everything possible (Within the waze system) to resolve this complaint
2 - If you mark it solved the user get's an email and will expect to see their address corrected next map update. This way they won't be expecting
3 - goes "above and beyond" but you'll feel better.

If it's a business I have first hand knowledge of, I'll use option 3.

As to if/when to use option's 1 or 2, that's a judgement call I'll leave to all the AM's and higher.
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Re: Updating Dunkin Donuts location?

Postby usa_2zmx7dva » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:38 pm

It appears that Dunkin Dounuts and Waze have departed ways. ;)
Maybe a few lines of code like: "Spend 2 or minutes at a sponsors location and get two points, correct a sponsors location and get two points." could have added value to the advertiser. Advertiser could track the lead generations and update their own maps with the the correct locations.

The POI's are back. The system must have hiccuped. Maybe a Jan 1, 2013 event......?
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Re: Updating Dunkin Donuts location?

Postby xteejx » Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:32 am

There's a form for incorrect POIs? Is that Intl too? Linky? :-)
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