Mapping Parking Lots, Farmland as Landmarks; walking trails

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Re: Mapping Parking Lots, Farmland as Landmarks; walking tra

Postby txemt » Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:12 am

I had the same question and posted a similar post about a week ago, and someone posted this.

shawndoc wrote:This is a good thread on the topic.
Just wazeting my time to help you waze your route smoothly.
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Mapping Parking Lots, Farmland as Landmarks; walking trails

Postby legoguy » Tue Nov 20, 2012 5:55 am

Hey there,
I am the AM for the Spruce Grove, Alberta area, and a user in the area has taken to mapping seemingly every parking lot they have time to map, as a landmark. They also do this for farmland, which is actually what a large portion of Alberta consists of.

I'm of the personal opinion that they are irrelevant and should not be mapped as landmarks, but before I go deleting this user's "hard work" I want to get a broader opinion.
See this, for example: ... TTTFTTTTFT

While I'm at it, if walking trails are mapped properly (without intersecting any actual roads), is there anything wrong with mapping them? Spruce Grove is pretty happy about their vast network of walking and biking trails, so I've taken to mapping them, but saw some negative input regarding their use elsewhere on the forum. Personally I think that because very few of these trails in this area actually come near roads it's a good addition, but I do want to ensure that I am following all the proper guidelines.

[edit] after doing a bit of research on the subject I have come to understand why parking lots can be useful when mapped (jam suppression, etc); however, my question still remains for farmland and walking trails.
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