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Re: SPUI - Feedback welcome

Postby CBenson » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:35 pm

I would raise one issue that I don't see addressed in the wiki and is applicable to all ramps with splits at the end. If there is a sharp turn at the end of the ramp to the road you should get a "turn" instruction. If there is a slight turn at the end of ramp to the road you get no instruction. Thus, if exiting I-97 here if turning left on Quarterfield Rd, you get an instruction to "Exit right at Exit 13: MD-174 Quarterfield Rd," an instruction to "stay left to MD-174 W Severna" (if exiting from I-97 N) and an instruction to "turn left at Quarterfield Rd." If you are turning right on Quarterfield Rd, you only get the exit instruction and the stay instruction: you get no "turn right at Quarterfield Rd" instruction.

I'm not sure whether you want both stay and turn at W Waters road instructions. But the basic problem is that the angles are so close to 45 degrees that I'm not sure whether you will get the turn instructions or not at the end of the ramps.
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Re: SPUI - Feedback welcome

Postby AlanOfTheBerg » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:28 pm

Looks really good to me. A couple items:

1. Southbound exit 6A doesn't have a colon in the name per naming standard for exits.
2. The two segments of Waters under the freeway each have an extra geometry node which isn't needed.
3. On the northbound side, would it make sense to extended the two ramps segments for the west/east-bound onto Waters back to the toll booth so that drivers can get instructions to get into the left/right side of the plaza ahead of time? Or is it safe/slow enough after going through the plaza to get into the correct lane after? (I go through the left side of the plaza but then need to turn right onto Waters, for example.)
4. Can this SPUI be used to do a u-turn onto the freeway? Some SPUI interchanges allow use of the offramp-to-onramp move to get back onto the freeway going the other direction. If so, that's just another turn restriction to open up.
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