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The Brazilian Community integration that reached the World

Post by mikemachado
Hi guys!

We would like to tell you about a recent action that was created for the Brazilian Community but that, because of the "Brazilian Way of Life" :lol:, impacted editors from all over the world! :)

But, a fun storie needs a fun soundtrack! So if you wanna, press play in the music below:
Now, to understand: In Brazil, we have 03 local self-organized meetings annually, divided by south-central, north-northeast and southeast regions! In 2020, these meetings were virtualized due the pandemic, which enabled the participation of editors from all regions of Brazil, and 2021 did not start any differently :cry: ! So some Local Champs discussed a lot about how to organize an innovative event, which didn't follow the same pattern of "online class" and created what was the First "Gincana" of Brazilian Editors.

But the most complicated of all is perhaps explaining what a "Gincana" is, since there we not find a exact word in English: "Gincana" are traditional events in schools, where all students are separated into teams and compete for the first place in a week-long event, with activities of the most varied, ranging from sporting challenges, solving puzzles, amatour artistic challenges, among others! Each team have its name, slogan and uniforms!

Despite the dispute, these competitions are, above all, integration!

So, after launching the proposal to hold a "gincana" in the week before the Central-South Region Meetup, we were surprised with 50 editors registered just for the dispute !!!

After the start, divided into 10 teams of 5 random members, the participants received 13 challenges throughout the week, with tasks such as: Finding the password to access the exclusive "Gincana" forum, creat 50 complete locals in wme, finding errors in wme prints, taking photos in holes in the road with a poster written "road hole reported ahead", creat amateur videos inviting new editors, do a surprise presentations at the meetup at Sunday and, of course, the task that involved the whole world: Getting the most number of selfies from waze editors, that need to present in the photo a wme screen and hold in hand something that contained the team's name!

We received 269 selfies, from editors from at least 24 different countries! Including staff members! Like this:

The "Gincana" winners, announced on the South-Central BR Meetup, were the "Padawazers" team, which received the highest score among the challenges and will win, in addition to exclusive gifts, an trainee at RRT!

But, who really won with the competition, was the community, which knew how to create moments with lots of laughts, cordiality and, above all, integration between editors of different levels and regions, who joined forces to overcome all challenges!

The evaluation of the editor @idomarcerutti represents that we managed to fulfill the objective: "The exchange of experience for a novice editor was very productive, I learned a lot, I met many editors, the exchange of knowledge was very profitable."

We just have to thank the local champs who organized the whole event and, of course, all the participants who took the challenge and showed that to compete in the funniest way is possible!

And for those who are curious yet, two interesting links:

01 - The online album with all the selfies of editors, selfies of challenges and arts created by the teams;

02 - Link to the "Gincanca forum" (in portuguese), with all the Gincana challenges!

OK! But it is obvious that we would not give you access for free! :twisted: If you want to look, you need too to discover the password based on the "Gincana Task 2 !!! :twisted:: twisted:: twisted:

A Brazilian hug and, if you want more information about the contest, just ask!
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Michel Machado
Tentando deixar um tijolo na construção da comunidade!

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Post by GimmeAnA
Mike, thank you for sharing!

This activity was SO AWESOME!
You and all the other community leaders are truly amazing for setting it up - an inspiring leadership for an engaged community <3
Everyone who participated deserve a big THUMBS UP and a huge cookie :D
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Post by BellVillense
Huge KUDOS to the Brazilian Community!

Also thank you Mike for organizing this in such a creative and smooth way.

Hoping this will be resonate around the world and other communities can benefit from it as well! <3
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