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Hungarian Community Journal - One week of #WAZEWIN

Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:09 pm

24. November Monday
Mapraid starts. We are mentoring the 5-10 editors who started to check the list of 17.000 possible map problems in Budapest area one-by-one. Questions discussed, street locks unlocked and relocked.
Let’s go, “translate” the list we get from the Budapest municipality about current road closures in the city. You know, it’s in plain text, we have to give Waze the segment IDs, closure timing etc.

25. November Tuesday
MapRaid Day2. Jeeez these guys are fast, we barely assign them to next 100 MPs and it’s done.
Let’s go to the Airport, we pick up the Waze representative coming for a meeting with Budapest Traffic Centre authorities. Have a beer, chit-chat.

26. November Wednesday
MapRaid Day3. we ran out of pre-assigned numbers, what should we give to the raiders? OK, let’s check unnamed roads whether it’s a map problem or not.
Meeting at Budapest Traffic Centre (BKK). The Connected Citizens Program Manager (Paige) awes everyone in the room, the Director of Business Development BKK writing an A4 paper full of ideas about how they can utilize Waze data. He set a heavy deadline for the others: until Friday it must come to production.
Meeting is over, another raid to the Airport to let our precious Paige get back home for Thanksgiving.

27. November Thursday
MapRaid Day4. This checklist is getting greener and greener as all the problems are solved. Great, now they can do it themselves, it’s not a kindergarten.

28. November Friday
Official announcement of the Connected Citizens Partnership between Waze and Budapest. I have to cover facebook shares, reply, emails, writing a post to our own page, constant F5 on news aggregator sites: Waze is everywhere! GREAT!!!
Short Waze Community meeting with anyone who appears in the pizzeria, 3 mapraiders came to meet the mentors, the pizza is delicious!

1. December Monday
Yesterday the MapRaid has been ended, the editors evolved, everyone is happy, we are waiting for the statistic numbers from the waze community manager.
Since Friday we got user reports indicated that the 3 closures are just been ended, Waze knows it prior to BKK, great I’ll notify them. Wow, they didn’t know, we were the first, community rules!
Monday’s morning commute shows 10% raise in Near-You-Now numbers setting a new record of 2903! More than 57.000 ppl use Waze monthly in Budapest, eagerly waiting for the new numbers!!! #WAZEWIN
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Re: Hungarian Community Journal - One week of #WAZEWIN

Thu Dec 04, 2014 9:10 am

new record, 3019 NYN

Re: Hungarian Community Journal - One week of #WAZEWIN

Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:51 am

You, you, you, you, you......you know something, fellas!
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