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Postby steveningelbrecht » Thu Jan 23, 2014 11:40 am

As some of you probably already know, the BeNeLux story is a pretty complicated story... :-)

I will start with some information about our social media approach...

Our social media policy is based on 4 channels:
3 are national: @WazeNederland, @WazeBelgium, @WazeLëtzebuerg
1 is for the three countries together: @WazeBeNeLux

Since the editing guidelines are the same, the countries pretty small and the community 'leaders' are the same, we thought it would be handy to have an international common approach... But to startup the communities, we needed to create a feeling where Waze is close to the people... so we started with using the national accounts.
Since we think it is important to have some feeling with the national news or local trends, we shared the administrator rights with a small group of global Champs.

@WazeNederland :
- updated by petervdveen, backup by Maantje
- active on Facebook (234 page likes) and Twitter
- Main language is Dutch
- updated with common posts about map updates, general waze news
- special actions:
We had a month where every day another capital of a country was presented based on Waze topics: how much wazers, status of the map, global country information, ...
We had a sticker project, where people could share posts / like the page, and after filling in a form, could get a sticker sent to their home...
We also share a lot of pictures about rare traffic situations, weird road signs, ...

- updated by me
- active on Facebook (691 page likes), Twitter (189 followers) and Google+ (+596)
- Main language is bilangual : Dutch and French, but sometimes we post something in english, to have short posts or no time to translate or ...
- updated with common posts about map updates, general waze news
- Special projects:
We participated the sticker project, but continu to do so... Up till now, we've sent more than 100 stickers to Belgian Wazers... We also ask them to sent us a picture about what they did with the sticker... You can see all pictures on our social media.
When there was still a top 3 every week, with the golden/silver/bronze wazer and all wazers could be seen on the map, we also did a crazy thing one time, where wazers had to look for 'the golden wazer' and try to contact him. When the wazer could meet with the golden wazer, they were also provided with some goodies... 5 Wazers succeeded in contacting and meeting the golden wazer, around the country!
We try to participate in national news topics, like the discussion about if speed cam apps should be forbidden... A wazer was interviewed on national radio and talked for more than 5 minutes about the pro's of Waze...
There was also a topic in a national news paper about a restaurant that couldn't be found by any GPS provider, like TomTom, Garmin, ... We interacted and showed them the restaurant could be found in Waze and the routing was perfect... :-)
Other things we do is sharing #WazeWins, screenshots of heavy waze-populated maps of the bigger cities of Belgium, ...

@WazeLëtzebuerg and @WazeBeNeLux
- updated by Steven
- active on Facebook (44 and 67 page likes)
- Main language is French (Luxembourg) or English (BeNeLux)
- mostly common posts, like map updates, general Waze news, ...
- waiting to commit a local wazer who has feeling with national news and topics.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask
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