Template PM to new editors

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Template PM to new editors

Postby PacmanNW » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:37 pm

In the past couple months I have noticed new editors join, but ultimately not stick around. I suppose some of that is to be expected as there is a lot to learn when starting. However, I wonder if some of it is due to mistakes made when starting (and how they are approached about them)? I know I also made quite a few mistakes when I initially started editing, but I was sent a polite PM pointing out the areas and mistakes (they were left for me to correct), a few relevant links on how to fix them, and offered help and guidance. I found this very helpful and as such, have also sent new editors similar PMs with a few of the important points I wish I had first read when I started.

I know for myself, I first looked at the best practices wiki when I started, but after briefly scanning it, I concluded I wasn't going to be dividing or undividing highways, connecting ramps, handling restricted lanes, etc. when I was barely starting, so I didn't go much further on that page (I have since been back to it numerous times as my editing experience and skill have increased). But the incorrect edits page was a good read at the start ;).

Anyway, regarding new editors, I’ve drafted a template PM pointing out some of the most important things for them to know, but also not to bombard them with a wall of text and information. Below is what I’ve come up with if anyone is interested or has any comments or thoughts. Feel free to use or alter it if you want.

Hello _____,

It’s nice to see a new editor in the area, welcome aboard! We can definitely use the help of more good local editors that know and drive the roads! I was new not that long ago and while I know there is a lot to learn at first, you’ll be up to speed in no time. ;) You may have already encountered some of these, but I thought I’d send you this message with a few important things to remember when starting (they helped me a lot).

- Remember not to delete or disconnect any roads. This one is really important, if roads are deleted or disconnected, valuable traffic data (past trips, speeds, etc.) is lost forever!

- Any edits you make will show up on the live app! This is also a big one, if you accidentally change a road with a turn restriction, Waze will route drivers around it, possibly adding a lot of time to someone’s commute!

- Changes or edits will have a real and direct effect on a lot of people! (and drivers get really grouchy if their GPS takes them down dead ends or routes them way around :( )

- Be careful with existing intersections, even slight changes to the angles of roads can affect navigation guidance (keep right, turn right, etc.)

- Always check to make sure roads and nodes are actually connected (click on a segment and look for the arrows indicating where traffic can go at each end of the segment)

- Waze is primarily a navigation app. The main purpose is to help people get from A to B. If an edit helps that goal, add it, if it doesn’t, don’t. I remind myself this one all the time.

- Don’t add excessive parking lot roads… ;) most editors tend to do this when starting, but too many parking lot roads clutter the map and tend to confuse drivers instead of helping them.

- Ask around in chat, many experienced editors are ready and eager to help and provide assistance.

- Here is a link for some of the most common mistakes made as a new editor (a must read, I probably made all of these when starting :o ): https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/Incorrect_edits

Anyway, I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I thought I’d share a few of the importing things to know/remember. Also, check out this website for information on the Waze Map Editor interface and controls: https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/Map_Editor_I ... d_Controls and this website on good map editing practice: https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Be ... g_practice

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to assist or help any time. Welcome to the editing team, we’re happy to have the help!
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Re: Template PM to new editors

Postby VapeTheBud » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:40 am

Something like this should be sent to all new editors via PM after logging into the forum.

I've sent a few private messages lately and basically welcoming them to the community, then outlining the error and providing links to help them become a better editor. At the. end advise them your willing to address any further concerns or questions and also note the local higher ranking editor in case they have more detailed questions.

I've had nothing but happy responses back and of course we've all been there at some point and as we all progress, we'll get better at editing.

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Re: Template PM to new editors

Postby Cavtrooper » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:55 pm

I agree. I was a bit put off by a PM I received without any real information. This note would have been great to receive instead of the rude one I received. Now receiving this would have sent me to the right location to learn how things should be done. I have learned so much already from these links. Thanks!
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Re: Template PM to new editors

Postby TheChrisK » Sun Nov 01, 2015 6:39 pm

PZ has some good "new editor" templates as well

https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/User:PesachZ ... _templates

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Re: Template PM to new editors

Postby gabud001 » Thu May 05, 2016 2:05 pm

Hello PacmanNW,

This is just great! Please let me borrow it, translate it to Spanish (and maybe some changes in the links) so we can use it in my country??

Until now we only put some minor information on the PM to new editors...


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