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Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:13 pm

Is there a way, that all Editors could agree how to name Petrol/Gas Stations?

Some of them are just "Service Station xxx", some just Service Station
Why not calling them by actual name + location or what ever what could help finding it?

Eg. I have Topaz fuel card and if I want to find nearest Topaz station it's not possible in couple simple touches. Using Topaz App is worthless too - it is so unusable...
Or it is simply Waze search engine problem?
Or I don't know how to use it :[

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:40 pm

Thank you bprob,

Great information!

Bring gas station prices and toll road information to Ireland!

Get community-updated gas prices in Ireland soon, by helping map the gas stations (petrol stations) around you.

To add a gas station: Add a landmark and select type "Gas Station."

You can also help all Wazers avoid toll roads, by marking the toll roads in your area.

Specify a toll road: Select road segments and flag them as "Toll Road" in Properties. (new element in editor).

Safe and happy motoring.

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations Ireland

Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:40 pm

I've been working on a comprehensive list of brand names of Gas Stations (Petrol Stations) in Ireland.

This is the list I've come up with.

Can anyone add, delete, amend, please, before submitting to Waze for their attention?

Brand Names Gas Stations (Petrol Stations) in Ireland

Corrib Oil
Discount Fuel Deals
Discount Fuels
DMG Energy
Drive Service Stations
E.K. Fuels
Fraser Oil
Garbally Oil
Great Gas
Gulf Oil
Hanlons Filling Station
Independent(Clare Oil)
J.J Kelly Fuels
Jones Oil
Junction 20
Kilmeaden services
Morgan Fuels
Morris Oil
Naas Oil
Pallas Service Station
Pathfinder Oil
Safe Fuels
The Oil Company
Ultima Oil
Unknown Brand
Xpress Stop

Fri 14 Sep 2012 1933 GMT Daylight Time Wk. 37.

Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:57 pm

As many regular users will have seen, the editor has taken on 2 new changes today, which are referred to here: http://www.waze.com/blog/big-news-you-can-help-bring-gas-prices-and-toll-roads-info-to-your-country/

Petrol Station Landmarks will soon be editable to allow pricing, brand-names and other information.

There is a google docs form available here to submit information on each country here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEhXVm9MQUw5NWFGRkxHUTh5Zm00Z1E6MQ

I thought a thread here would be a good idea to co-ordinate submissions regarding Ireland.

I was going to add what I just submitted myself to this post, but unfortunately, I couldn't copy and paste from the google doc

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:13 pm

As far as i can recall, here is what i submitted:
I added the comment from the comment section to each relevant section.

Gas types available in your country, ordered by popularity (most popular types first) *

    Premium Unleaded
    Natural Gas

Bio and eco diesel names are interchangeable in the public mind here. Still quite rare but expected to grow in the future.
Natural gas very rare now, and was rarely used as a car fuel even at its height.
Irish don't tend to use octane numbers for petrol (even though some brands do display/market them); most tend to use premium and standard/regular as terms to describe types of unleaded petrol

Gas prices format (amount per unit - gallon, liter) *
Please provide an example of the price format and mention if there are any special instructions. For example in the US: $x.xx9 (3 digits after the dot, always ends with a "9")

xxx.9c per litre
€x.xx9 per litre
I've seen both, but the cent version is more common?

Gas brands in your country *
Please list below as many gas station brands as you know

Independent Retailer

A lot of petrol retailers operate independently from the well-know national/international brands and collectively make up a large portion of the market

Comments *
Please comment here if there are other issues related to gas prices in your country

I also added that:
Term "Gas station" not used in ireland: Use "petrol station" despite selling full range of fuels.
Similarly "gas" not used for car fuel. Use "petrol" or "diesel"
A growing number of stations have electric car charging points and this will grow in the future.

Has anyone else any opinions to add?
Maybe each should submit separately but update this thread with what you sent?

NOTE: don't make the same mistake as me: you should copy and paste your entry for each section of the google doc into this thread as you go. otherwise you will have to type it out twice!!

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:17 pm

xteejx wrote:Ireland is almost exactly the same as over here, so for simplicity they could copy and paste most of it.

True in a lot of respects in this instance, currency and (some) brand names aside.

Should probably aggregate contributions here for completeness though.

As an aside, your suggestion probably holds for a lot of other aspects of Waze in Ireland and UK. Perhaps the wikis on editing both countries should be compared. I know the UK wiki is far more complete, reflecting larger number of users, and that users in Ireland are perhaps focused on getting basic mapping in place (no original Waze basemap provided).

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:07 am

I haven't made much progress on this yet. Had driven some new areas so prioritised adding roads rather than petrol stations.

How is everyone else getting on?

I noted that they added the irish list of station brands.
There was an omission of Topaz from the list. I had included it when i contacted Waze, but maybe they saw "Top" and "Topaz" on my entry and thought I had made an error myself?
I tried contacting by twitter without reply, and the google doc link no longer seems to be working.
Will attempt to contact support directly

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:53 am

Karl_db wrote:Is there any way of importing the petrol prices from Pumps.ie ?

I think that would be proprietary information belonging to that app's developer

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:31 am

xteejx wrote:Well you guys are more than welcome to pinch some stuff from our pages and adapt it for yourselves for when the map over there becomes more "complete" :-)

Thanks ... I've already pinched a couple of practices (such as landmarks labelling motorway intersections).

Anyway, I do think the Ireland section of the wiki needs expanding a little (or maybe discussing amongst map editors). Some things I'd like to change/discuss/expand on:

1. L-roads: even though the numbers of these roads are not unique across the country, I've still been putting them in as part of small road names (for example: "L1033 Rocky Valley Dr") in cases where there's a prominent sign at the start of the road, as several county councils seem to have started doing. I think this is a good idea because then somebody using Waze will know they're taking the right turn if Waze tells them to "turn left onto L5432 Xyz" and they see a sign saying "L5432".

2. Mapping of road types on the ground to Waze road types: I notice "primary street" being used in many parts of the country even for small back roads that have grass growing in the middle and are too narrow for two cars to pass, whereas I think "street" is best for all roads that aren't M, N or R roads, except for roads that aren't explicitly R roads but are important, large enough and well-used enough to warrant being named "primary".

3. Road levels: I don't know if road levels once had greater meaning to Waze than they do now, but I don't see any need for any road to have a level other than 0 except where it crosses another road on a bridge, such as in a grade-separated intersection (like a motorway junction). I've come across lots of cases where a main road is at level 0 and side roads are at level -1, but I don't see any need for that, so I've been changing any roads that aren't at level 0 for a good reason (such as crossing another).

++David \ davidg666

Re: Gas Stations / Petrol Stations

Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:33 pm

bprob wrote:I noted that they added the irish list of station brands.
There was an omission of Topaz from the list. I had included it when i contacted Waze, but maybe they saw "Top" and "Topaz" on my entry and thought I had made an error myself?
I tried contacting by twitter without reply, and the google doc link no longer seems to be working.
Will attempt to contact support directly

I noticed Topaz missing too, and I contacted support, and got a reply on 15 August:

In reply to your inquiry "missing gas station brand for Ireland":
We will update this as soon as possible.
Best regards,

...so hopefully this'll show up soon.

++David \ davidg666
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