Area Managers and Ranking Level

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Re: Area Managers and Ranking Level

Postby davidg666 » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:35 am

seriousarsonist wrote:And house numbers! don't forget house numbers!

I have to admit that I haven't bothered with adding many house numbers - it takes a lot of research and time for not much perceived gain.

Do we know if house numbers actually get used for address searches if they're present? It's always seemed to me that address searches don't get you any closer than the street being searched for, although that might because there are very few house numbers in there; maybe if we did have more house numbers added they would, in fact, become useful...

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Re: Area Managers and Ranking Level

Postby seriousarsonist » Mon Jul 07, 2014 10:24 am

House numbers do seem to be making a difference for me, although I don't know if it is because waze have implemented searching them internally or if they are still pulling that sort of detail from Google. I shall continue testing. I do know that some of the area/places are now properly searchable, but... the results are not structured in a usable way, this I believe is being worked upon.

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Re: Area Managers and Ranking Level

Postby arthurohara » Wed Jul 23, 2014 2:06 pm

Greetings dmeehan,

How do you become an Area Manager? Please dont say email support as they are non responsive.

Also how do you increase your ranking level. I have increased my ranking from 160,000+ to 39,000 but I am still a level 3 editor. Whats the point otherwise?

Its great you have such interest and that you do a big amount of great work.

Correct house numbering is VERY important for future developments. Editing on Waze is not about quick gain. If that is identified, Waze is not really interested in elevating editors. It is about authenticity and the needed in-depth correctness of the map that can be relied upon by users. Any half-hearted effort is now readily identified over time, as is the good stuff.

Ireland is working towards having its own determination in course.

Have a read of this - Area Manager -

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Re: Area Managers and Ranking Level

Postby SkiDooGuy » Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:04 pm

Well a little our of date, but you will be happy to know that Waze now uses it's internal house number for searches. It kind of has for a while, however recently as last week; Waze implemented a bug fis that was causing Waze to still use Google.

This news is still undergoing testing in the US to confirm. But as I hear more I'll let you know.

Also I don't know if it has been posted. But ever since the release of the new client and Places system. Waze now prioritizes it's own POI database over Googles.

Both searches can and sometimes do appear in the auto-complete, so you have to make sure you select the Waze one.
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