Waze first Map-a-thon!!!

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Waze first Map-a-thon!!!

Postby amitbena » Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:04 pm

Hi Everyone,

We held our first Waze Map-a-thon in Tel Aviv this past Friday and it was a great success!

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Map-a-thons are community events designed to get new editors up and running on the WME (Waze Map Editor). It's a fun and friendly 101 course on how to edit the WME, taught by experienced members of the local community. For this first event, we paired Waze GeoOps staff and seasoned members of the Israeli community (the IL Champs) with new users wanting to learn the best practices for map editing.

Word was spread for the event by posting messages to the Waze Israeli FB page, the local Israeli Waze Blog, and by sending inbox messages to local active users.

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We received over 200 responses and welcomed 25 newbie users along with 5 local Champs to the inaugural event.

During the event we presented the Waze community concept and the WME platform. Next up was a "how-to" editing video and 3 basic exercises. The crowd split up to tackle the exercises and the Waze Geo-ops team, together with the community champs, supplied support and guidance when needed. It was a great mix of fresh interest and knowledge sharing!

We'll soon send the new editors a follow up email with the video and exercises, request feedback, and keep track of their involvement level as both editors and community members.

Interested in holding a Map-a-thon for your community? Contact your Community Manager and we'll set it up!

Thanks everyone for the hard work and special thanks for the IL champs:


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