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Postby zzyzxuk » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:48 pm

(drumroll please...)

I'm pleased to announce that after a month's spare time spent Wazing, and approximately 2500 map edits (yes, I'm not exagerating...)... The M25 is now completely mapped!!!!

The entire route now has:

-both carriageways drawn in both directions, and accurately aligned.
-all 31 major interchanges are now fully mapped - including ALL slip roads onto and off the motorway, and the major crossing routes are correctly rendered (single lane, or double lane) for at least a short distance in each direction on either side of the motorway...

This is now your cue to expand outwards now from the M25, both into London, and out into the home counties.

As I'm area manager for Greater London, I can continue expanding/labelling the road network inside the M25, but I can't take on any more area, and so it's now your turn! :D

Also - the entire route should now be "routable" (well, after tonight's update anyway) - so I'd sure appreciate you all beta-testing the routing - pick some routes that involve arcing around London on the M25 and make sure they're properly connected. I'm fairly sure it's right - but I may have missed a connection here and there.

Happy Mapping Everyone!!!

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