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Re: My Dashboard

Postby krankyd » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:33 pm

thanks Doug -
everything you said is pretty much accurate. We are revising the points structure and it will all be up and running soon (and nothing is gone to waste, rest assured)

One thing I would like to remind jspencer - it might take up to 24 hours for anything you changed on your phone (client) till they show up on the computer (web) since they have to go through the processing.

Map updates are edits that you initiated. As Doug mentioned, you might have limited permissions to make changes as a new user, but if you'd like you can ask to become an area manager of a specific area (where you will have full permissions).
Resolved update requests - helping fix other issues that other members brought up.
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My Dashboard

Postby jspencer » Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:34 pm

I have a few questions about 4 things in my Dashboard that I don't know how they work and/or get updated. Could someone explain how these get updated? Currently mine are at zero and I'm interested in how I can get them off of zero.
Map Updates: I've added new streets in my area and have update the Map "live update" but my dashboard still is at 0.
New Miles:??
Offline Existing Miles:??
Resolved Update Requests: ??
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Re: My Dashboard

Postby dougm » Fri Aug 07, 2009 1:57 am

I'll let Waze chime in with specifics, but here's the parts I can answer:

Map Updates: Don't worry, they are keeping track of how many map updates everybody makes, but right now they are not updating the counts in your dashboard. I believe they were reconsidering how to count the map updates for points purposes, so until that is figured out they turned it off in the dashboard. But they still have the raw counts, so keep editing.

New miles and Offline Existing Miles: I think everybody is still on zero for these. I have added new roads and driven them and my count is still zero, so either it isn't turned on or this is for something else.

Resolved Update Requests: This is a little more complicated. When a user reports a problem on the Live Map (e.g. clicking a street and reporting an issue with the name of the street), they become Update Requests. You can also Report a Map Problem from the client (clicking on the button under the compass in the client), and I assume these become Update Requests too. To see the Update Requests, you go into the Update Map mode on the web (also referred to as cartouche -- look at the URL) and under the Layers menu you need to turn on Map Problems. Zoom out a little and if you see any big red circles, those are Update Requests. All the smaller orange and red circles are other types of problems detected by the server. You might need certain permissions to resolve update requests, especially if you haven't driven that road yet. If you have the permissions and resolve one of these issues, then the count in your dashboard will change.
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