Waze mega-wazers Paris meetup follow-up

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Re: Waze mega-wazers meetup follow-up

Postby TonyG-UK » Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:14 pm

krankyd wrote:Papyrus
• Be able to report toll roads, and time-based restrictions. (And make this option available for top users only).

I'd like to focus on an issue that I've seen creeping into a number of posts on the forum from various people, in various guises, which I feel is important to clarify (and hopefully quash) now: elitism

"Top users", "Mega-wazers", rewards for top wazers.

Are you building a community, with everyone working towards a common goal, or a hierarchy, with those at the top receiving the rewards?

Let me give you an example: editing permissions from driving - users are currently given a 1-mile editing corridor around their driven routes. This should be changed so that it scales with experience, e.g. for each 10K edits, your corridor widens by 1/4 or 1/2 mile. What should not happen is that the Top-10 wazers get blanket (or wide spread) editing permissions.

It appears to me that there has been a language pattern change on the forums in recent weeks that points towards things going the wrong way in this regard, so I'm drawing a line in the sand now to bring it to attention.
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Re: Waze mega-wazers meetup follow-up

Postby Timbones » Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:08 pm

Sounds good!

krankyd wrote:• Remove the 'general error' update request type as they have no real value (we are implementing a process that will delete all general error update requests that are still open after 3 months. In the future we will remove this type all together)

Maybe keep those which have extra information typed in?

krankyd wrote:• Roundabouts on Papyrus have a few bugs - for example, cannot delete a part of a roundabout. Also, missing the option to mark a bunch of segments and say 'this is a roundabout'.

Could also do with the opposite: mark a bunch of segments and say 'this is not a roundabout'.
(I can provide examples of half-roundabouts, as well as circular junctions which are not roundabouts).
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