"N st" vs "North st", spoken street name abbreviations

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Re: "N st" vs "North st", spoken street name abbreviations

Postby WeeeZer14 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:30 am

jasonh300 wrote:
BrianCanFixIT wrote:According to the wiki http://es.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Known_issues we should not use quotes.
Avoid entering names using single and double quotation marks.
as they are "not handled correctly" in Cartouche.
Is this still applicable?

I took that to mean that you shouldn't have a street name with both single and double quotes. Such as
Bob "Squeaky" Abercrombie's Ln

No it was ANY use at all. I ran into this old Cartouche bug with landmarks often. You'd put something in like this:
World's Fair Park
Which would then become:
World/'s Fair Park
Then if you edit ANYTHING, even geometry, it would then become:
World///'s Fair Park
And so on.

It was a problem where things were getting escaped for the database, but then not sanitized going back to the client. So the single quote and any slashes would each keep getting escaped over and over again.

All that said, I am not sure if it is still a problem in the old editor. I don't think it is a problem in the new editor.
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