Reporting Gas prices - cash or credit?

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Re: Reporting Gas prices - cash or credit?

Postby failsafe » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:45 pm

Received and replied-to. In essence, between seeing third parties reporting credit prices, people mistakenly reporting things like with-a-car-wash huge discounted prices for gas, and Waze not responding to the query via the support link, AND my personal belief that the best apples-to-apples comparison between stations was the undiscounted credit prices, I changed the wiki.

Apologies if I stepped on any toes; I figured if it was an issue, someone would have changed it back. I stated my reason for the change in the wiki; that Waze was using a third-party service that was replacing the cash prices I had be inputting (against my better judgement) with credit. And it's a wiki.

I won't be touching the wiki again; I told Andy to change it back if he had to, but made the suggestion that he and the Waze Champs take a good, hard look at the data before deciding to go back to cash prices in the US.

If they do change it back, I'll both stop reporting anything for a place with a cash price, and stop using the feature myself as a user, because I won't trust the data even more than now.
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