Railroad Policy for WME

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Railroad Policy for WME

Postby fvwazing » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:54 pm

cherianchris wrote:
umopapisdn wrote:i have someone in my area who keeps adding railroads. i keep deleting them. they aren't commuter railroads, and there's maybe one line that handles amtrak traffic once a day at most.

based on GPS points, they're aren't being added by wazers on the trains, and they end approximately 4 miles on either side of an interstate highway. gone!
As Jason mentioned earlier, is it possible that the tracks were made by someone on an airplane?
Do pilots use highways as reference points?

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Highways as reference points - WWI fighter planes would have if there were freeways then. And I think that last time the consensus was that most planes are too fast for paving; only the slowest of planes could - cropdusters.
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