I can't launch Waze in a Tablet [iIVIEW-1000TPC]

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I can't launch Waze in a Tablet [iIVIEW-1000TPC]

Postby Ivanov17 » Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:00 pm

My father bought a tablet running ICS 4.0 a couple of days ago for testing purposes, it was affordable and reliable for what you are paying for.
One of the main reasons of getting a Tablet for him, was to the Waze App usage while he's driving. We already test a couple of apps, but for some reason I can't get Waze to work properly on his tablet.

According to Waze requirments, you must have: :ugeek:
- A Data connection [Being provided via hotspot, through a cellphone]
- GPS receiver [already included in the Tablet]
+ Tablet Details > http://iviewus.com/product_detail.php?id=216&pid=142

Issue description:
According to my research, I should be able to run Waze without problems on the tablet. But here is the thing:

I am able to download and install the application without any issues, but the problems comes out when you have to launch the app as it returns with the following error message:

"Waze can't access your SD card. Make sure it isn't mounted"

Troubleshooting Steps: :geek:
- Originally the Tablet was working without a MicroSD, so I get one for testing
- Test a MicroSD of 16GB class 10, from a working device with Waze [It fails]
- Test a MicroSD of 256MB class 4 [It fails]
- I thought that it could be related to a corruption or mismatch of info between the different devices, so I format the MicroSD's but the same thing happens.
- I tested every MicroSD on differents formats [fat32,fat16,ntfs, format from Tablet/Smarthones], but still failing
- At the end, the tablet was format included the MicroSD [still failing :evil: :twisted: :twisted: ]

Do you know if I'm missing something?
Do I have to get another MicroSD with differents specs?
Does Waze requires a MicroSD in order to work or my Tablet is not compatible?

Any idea or suggestion to resolve my problem, will be really appreciated. :|

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Re: I can't launch Waze in a Tablet [iIVIEW-1000TPC]

Postby cherianchris » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:46 am

I reckon there is a problem with the tablet. I used multiple SD cards on my phone daily, and Waze worked without a problem.
My younger brother runs micro SD and does not have any problem as well.
I recommend you get the Tablet checked.

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