Google buys Waze for 1.1B?

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Re: Google buys Waze for 1.1B?

Postby vince1612 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:26 pm

Most questions can find their answers in this forum :
Re: Waze joins Google
by shirlig » 11 Jun 2013, 19:03

Hi guys!
These are very exciting news indeed!
We'll do our best to address all your questions here.

Basically, as Noam mentioned - nothing really changes in our workflow and in our work together.

enhket wrote:
How will waze and google merge their maps? Will we still have to edit?
This will waze to grow even faster! Congratulations again

Waze maps and Googles maps stay separated and it is not allowed to use google maps data to edit Waze maps.
However - there is going to be a significant focus on the enhancement of the map editor and new tools will be available to us - yes, that includes google's aerials and street view !
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Re: Google buys Waze for 1.1B?

Postby wox33 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:00 pm

I would hope that Google and Waze decide that it is best to keep their applications as separate entities as they have separate functions. To me, Goggle Maps is a search platform. Searching for businesses or activities around your area, and then helping navigate to them with the built-in gps navigation. Waze on the other hand is a commuter GPS routing application first and foremost.

Sharing databases, on the other hand, could be a big improvement for both apps. Sharing traffic information, and real-time Waze alerts across apps would help everybody. I just hope they don't try to merge google maps with Waze maps. The Waze maps in my area are much better, more accurate, and more current. It can take a few weeks to get a simple road geometry change passed through Google map maker.

I can see removal of Facebook integration with Waze and the addition of Google+, I'm sure most people would not be happy with this that use those features, although inside the Waze app, not much difference would be noticed whether you are using your Facebook contact list or your Google account contact list. I could also see removal of all other search engines except for Google and the Waze internal search engine, and removal of Bing aerials for Google's.

Still hopeful for the future of Waze. Just hope complete integration into Google Maps does not happen. Any word on distribution of that 1.3 Billion to all the users keeping Waze maps updated and relevant in the mapping ecosytem? I'm ranked around 240 in my state. That should be worth a couple thousand, right? ;)
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Re: Google buys Waze for 1.1B?

Postby wox33 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:57 pm

I just think less is more sometimes. One app that does everything is rarely better than an app with a specific purpose that it does very well. Bloat and feature creep can bog down simple functionality fairly quickly. Pretty soon, we will just have one app on our phones.
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Re: Google buys Waze for 1.1B?

Postby xtago » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:42 am

Not sure what Google will do with waze if they do buy it.

I think it would have been better if Facebook had bought it as they don't have any sort of map or map editor so they would have kept waze and put in more Facebook stuff which I didn't have much of a problem with as its kept the same as now, where as Google already have a map and map editor.

So there's not much need for the current waze app nor keeping its map editor either.

I really can't see what Google can do with waze other than sell the traffic data to marketing companies and real estate companies to show business where the highest traffic is going past land, but you would get ads based on where you drive via waze traffic data and companies along your route or drive.

It'd be disappointing overall if Google do get waze.

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