"Together we stand, divided we fall..."

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Re: "Together we stand, divided we fall..."

Postby spookyx » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:10 pm

Hi all,

I'm Paul, the manager from Romania...

regarding the naming convention, I agree that something should be done in this direction, to have common road labeling... all the countries in EU...

till recently we used to name our roads like: "A1 - E81" or "DN7 - E81"... but we had to drop the E part because we implemented road shields and waze only have support of only one shield per road. If you browse with the clients over to Romania you are going to see the shields:
- green for freeways
- red for national roads
- blue for county roads
- yellow for "municipal" roads, that means from village to other villages

I strongly disagree labeling the roads only like E90. The thing is that people are also orientating and referring to roads by their real name, not by the European route number... a road labeled Exx can be either a freeway or highway whereas A1 is only a freeway (motorway). The Exx labeling is only informal, for reference, but the regular national labeling for each country is more important cause it can tell you exactly if you have a freeway, motorway or national road or county roads etc...

In Romania we have placed all the Exxx names as alternative names.

I would suggest to push Waze into supporting secondary shields for a road, either from the road's name "A1 - E81" and display 2 shields "A1" and "E81".. or either retrieve the secondary/alternate road name and display the shield... so in the end, with 2 or more shields for a road, you are going to have a map that looks like Google Maps, in terms of displaying road shields...

Lets push waze on displaying 2 shields for a road and by this our dream to see trans-european-motorways becomes alive.

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Re: "Together we stand, divided we fall..."

Postby supervision38 » Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:34 am

Hello Dear Wazers

I am happy to this opportunity to introduce myself to the community and say Hi to our neighbors
My pleasure to work with an experienced and nice people

My name is Victor
Currently I trying to build our country community, and to provide a help to the new map editors

Best wishes

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"Together we stand, divided we fall..."

Postby Unholy » Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:14 pm

Hi Wazers from Balkan countries!

We have created this forum, so you can reach out to the other Wazers around you, work together, discuss issues that may concern other editors and drivers and to exchange ideas.

In the weeks to come, I will add more ex-territorial forums, where you could discuss specific issues such as map editing, app, community, Waze meetups and more.

Please feel free to comment and say hi.

Country Managers, Champs and veteran editors - Why wont you introduce yourselves?


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