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Re: Napier

Postby nzhook » Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:53 am

You are not saying that your signal was slightly to the left are you? If your GPS signal is really good it will know which side you are driving on, thats one thing I have noticed with my drives it will have recorded as slightly to the left of the road and when I drive down the other way it won't find the correct road to put me on (if there are two close by)

Overall most of the roads I have recorded (and I done a lot of Taranaki because of the crappy aerials) are just about dead on with the road in the Google imagery (just as I said in many cases slightly to the left or right depending on the way I was driving)
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Re: Napier

Postby ps_au » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:04 am

ispyisail wrote:Some powerful scripts have started to come into play.
The trend has always been and is more so now that the higher editors get more power and the ability to points farm. This is a bit unfortunate because the higher editors have the ability get get more points faster.
Having said that what they are doing is real work with real value.

Exactly what ispyisail has said. I personally don't get to map new stuff lately, as I'm mostly busy fixing either broken junctions, badly drawn roads, bad turns or bad nodes. I'm not personally after the points, more the accuracy of the roads as this is the goal we are all aiming for. And yes, I suppose this would amass a lot of points, but if the junctions & nodes were all correct in the first place, we wouldn't have to fix them.

In this case i'm 90% sure and its happened to me as ps_au that a low editors makes poor edits, We (higher editors) come alone with our mass edit tools making small changes but it puts our names as the last person who edited that segment,

I'm still hoping for the day, that we can have a user edit history of each junction. This way it would make it easier to track culprits who damage everyone's hard work.
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