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General Editing Rules

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:00 am
by asterix06
Having a look to Teheran map I noticed few things I would like to bring at your attention in order provide a more "regular" development of the map :

- avoid "red stips road" - any road has to be edited in "city name " and "street name" fields
if you do not know it, please put the flag on the right side of each field

- connect each segments changing red arrow to green arrow

- take care of UR and MP in your own areas

- CONSISTENCY - for the best routing performances it's really important the "consistency " of the map.
It means that roads must bu connected in a certain sequence :
freeway - Major H - Minor H, Primary, Streets.
Is not compulsory , obviously that all these tipe of roads has to be present, but in any way if the
sequence should be freeway, street, MnH, MjH , the routing would create a lot of problems

In general, when a road is fully and correctly edited, please lock it at your highest rank.

We will develop this concept anyway later on

Thanks for your help

Re: General Editing Rules

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2015 5:39 am
by BehnamNHappy
Any one here active to discuss about Iran road types?

Re: General Editing Rules

PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 10:07 am
by BehnamNHappy
I invited Some of my friends to start editing Iran maps,
I told them to 1st study waze wiki to Learn & understand rules, but they are lazy to study in English.
So I decided to translate it.
I studied waze wiki of U.S. U.K. & Australia & check in each section which one is more familiar for Iran's roads.
Many issues learned and know what is best for Iran, but some items should be discussed and make a decision.
1st thing I think is important:
For roads between Cities which road are best to choose.
In Iran we have these Kind Of roads:
1. Free ways with 3 lines in each side separated by guard rail or completely separated. speed limit is usually 120km/h
2. Free ways with 2 lines in each side separated by guard rail or completely separated. speed limit in some of them is 110km/h & some other 120km/h.
3. Roads with 2 lines in 1 side & 1 line in the other side they are not separated side with 1 line may use the 2nd line of other side to overtake and pass. Speed limit usually in day is 95km/h & night 85km/h.
4. Roads 1 line in each side usually they don't have sharp curves & they are main road, speed limit in day 95km/h night 85km/h.
5. Same as above but they are not main road & speed limit is 95-80km/h
6. Roads 1 line in each side crossing between mountains they have sharp curves even 180 , speed limit is usually 70-50km/h & in the sharp curves 30-20 km/h.
7. ŔźDirt Roads between Villages with few population but used usually for locals & tourists.

My opinion in waze road type is:
1 Freeway
2 Freeway (Or Major Highway)
3 Major highway
4 Major Highway (or Minor Highway)
5 Minor Highway
6 Minor highway (not sure maybe Primary street is better).
7. Dirt

Please help.

Re: General Editing Rules

PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:59 pm
by BehnamNHappy
All updated editing rules for Iran is on Iran Wazeopedia.
All editors should follow these rules.