Points, Rank, overnight nosedive

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Re: Points, Rank, overnight nosedive

Postby Spil » Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:20 am

What you're seeing is likely the result of the data switching to the new week. What you did over the weekend is part of last week's scores, which is still included in your "All Times" score (even though it doesn't show in the "Weekly" totals once the new week has begun). The drop from 511 (your rank at the end of last week) to 50,000 (your standing in the current week thus far) is to be expected if you did a lot through the weekend but then didn't drive, report, or edit much on Monday (when the new Waze week begins).

Also, the distance between your current rank and the next rank is calculated based on the "All Times" scores for Wazers in your area rather than the current week's scores -- so while you might not see it, you're probably not really much further from your sword rank than you were before the weekly scoreboard reset. :)
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Points, Rank, overnight nosedive

Postby crashymcphee » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:21 pm

From Sunday to Monday dropped from 511 to 50,000th place.
Points just a sliver away from my getting a shiny little sword.

I read the FAQs thoroughly, and my understanding is this is how the system works.

Well if that's true, may I say that the result is demoralizing. After a busy weekend as a passenger logging gas, speed traps, wombats, and mattresses all over the roads, to see all those points devalued is anti-motivating. The point value fluctuates and it's a gamble week to week. I feel like if I contribute a lot to the community, it should have consistent value. As any good rat expects, if I push the blue button (run the maze, find the drugs, etc), a food pellet should come out.

Point to apathy inverse ratio.

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