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Postby WeeeZer14 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:44 am

The first time you use the app in a new area (or the first time ever), it will need to download map data for that area. If you pan the map to look around, you will also download the data from that area.

Running the app in 3D mode uses much more data than in 2D mode since you need to see the map out towards the horizon.

That data is cached but will be replaced if/when changes are made to the map in that area.

Besides map data, your device is continuously sending data to the Waze servers to show where you are now and the traffic you are experiencing. Similarly, your device is continuously download data from the Waze servers to show you where other users are and what traffic they are experiencing.

Any searches you perform will use data as well as any routing requests.

Waze will use more data than a static GPS app, but it is doing so much more so it make sense.

Most people do not have an issue with quotas from what I have heard. I have unlimited data so I have never paid close attention personally.
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Data Update

Postby cageybear » Sat Nov 03, 2012 4:36 am

I'm a new Waze user in the UK. Have tried to use several other common Android options but right now Waze is looking like the pick of the bunch for me.

The following query might be answered elsewhere if someone could kindly point me to it.

I installed Waze, and then used it on a 50 mile journey (each way), where it faithfully did what was expected.

However, when I got back home and checked my mobile phone account I noticed that 150+ Mb had been sucked out of my mobile phone contract. The only explanation for that was Waze - there's nothing else going on which would suck data.

I'm on a 1Gb/month tariff, so 150Mb fits comfortably into what I am paying for. However, is Waze going to be sucking data out of my mobile phone account each time I use it?

This situation might have been a first-time situation to fill up a cache. If so, no problem. However I am concerned that it might figure it could pull (or push) data thru my mobile phone connection. Perhaps someone could kindly explain the situation?

Ta muchly!
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