What do I do with a problem "area manager"

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Re: What do I do with a problem "area manager"

Postby legoguy » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:58 pm

Hello, I am the AM in question; I don't believe I've made any changes here that are against rules, or that are incorrect. There are some roads that I've adjusted based on recent development in the area. If you'd like we can further investigate the issues via PM; I don't make changes so they are "in my name" - I just make changes that I see need to be made based on my travels in the area. I'd be glad to work together to figure these things out.

As for deleting some landmarks, I have deleted some landmarks that, according to the wiki, are not necessary to have mapped, such as very small businesses and parking lots. I've also made some changes to named parking lots - they would show up on the map rather than the business they were near and in that case I simply changed them to unnamed parking lots, and adjusted their boundaries in some cases. - but I do admit I made some of these changes before fully understanding the need for marked parking lots. I apologise if some of these changes appear to be in error.

As for one-way streets, I don't believe I've changed a single one to the other way, except for the street I live on, which is incorrectly mapped in every mapping application *except* Waze now.
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Re: What do I do with a problem "area manager"

Postby xdarkhorsex » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:49 am

first off I have to apologize to legoguy. for some reason I thought someone else was AM.

I'm learning too.

In my "excitement" I also made some errors that needed to be corrected, namely labeling EVERYTHING. I thought the more the better, which is not always true.

everything else can be talked about in pm.
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