WME full with poi

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WME full with poi

Postby PakcikSyah » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:51 am

I have problem with poi in the WME. Some editor are creating poi which I think it to much for Waze application. Almost every part of the town are with poi even to my opinion most are of less important. I believe that poi are for point of interest. Which means we only add only those of important to Waze User like hospital, gas station, hotel, eating places, taxi station. But not places like grocery shop, hand phone shop, tailor shop, hardware shop, boutique. Those can be found by searching the third party application like 4Square or Bing or Google. My arguement for all those not to be in Waze it can be found or add in other third party application. I m in the opinion that Waze is more to navigation and searching by road name are for Waze application itself. But the insist that they want to have all those in Waze and crown the WME.

What are the best solution. Giving editor to create poi as many as they wish. And Waze will become yellow pages. Or there must be a limit. And what are the limitation for poi to be in Waze. Live view of how are the poi created. Almost the whole town is full with poi.. ... TTTFTTTTFT.

As for Waze do not have a clear guideline about what to add and what not to add. Therefore I need some serious opinion about the matter.

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This is how poi been created for the town.
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Re: WME full with poi

Postby Daknife » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:47 am

This is an ongoing problem/issue. You first need to visit the language sub-forum for your country and see if there is a discussion about what should be landmarked. If not start one. In the US a recent discussion decided (or mostly decided) that landmarks should be limited to parks, schools, hospitals, gas stations, Public parking lots (not just ones attached to a building but ones where the public is invited to park either for free or for a fee). And a few significant government buildings such as police, and post offices. I've probably missed a couple but you should get the idea. The thought is that except for parks which are green, landmarks or POI's merge together in the client, and POI's inside of larger POI's don't show at all, except for the names that appear to be just floating in the larger blob of the larger or conjoining POI's.

Thus the decision/consensus was to limit POI's and even request Waze cut down on the list of available POI's. But the Wiki has yet to be updated so it can be hard to enforce at times.

Personally I think that mess in your linked map is a mess and a prime example of why too many landmarks or POI's are a problem. I would highly recommend finding your country's forum and if there isn't a discussion about the topic, start one. Get a screen shot from the client of the same area as well to show how useless to many POI's become. Also at least so far, mapping POI's does nothing for searching for the locations, search results come from outside services (Bing, Yelp, Google, 4Square etc...) not from the POI's placed by editors.

I hope you aren't confused by the way I bounced back and forth between POI and Landmark, in this discussion they are the same thing, in the US discussions they seem to mostly get called landmarks.
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