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Re: Mega MapRaid Locations

Postby TimAThing » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:44 am

Here's some of the useful resources in the Wiki for the MMR locations (since I needed to find them myself, figured I may as well post them here):
And now a question: do any of the regular editors for these regions have any suggested/useful WME Validator custom templates that could be useful for known problems in these areas that Raiders could fix? One of my custom templates is useful for finding Primary Streets and Streets without a name, provided they are 20m (about 65 feet) or more in length and not roundabouts, does this need any tweaking for US roads?
Code: Select all
Template: ${typeRank}:${roundabout}:${street}:${length}
RegExp: /1[01]:0::([2-9].|1..)/


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