Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby SpeedDzel » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:01 am

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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby MarceloSatinosky » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:11 pm

Asterix :
I'm going to fill the gas tank with 80000 gallons and start my trip round the world in a week in my car. Wish me luck.
See you
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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby MarceloSatinosky » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:05 pm

you said "and probably...we made all together several trips around the world !"...
2 possibilities : you are kidding or lyou are lying!!!!!!
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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby MarceloSatinosky » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:02 pm

Segun el sistema de puntuación la primer edición de mapa equivale a 200 puntos y 50 problemas de mapa 500 puntos
Explicame cuantas ediciones de mapa hiciste para obtener 40.000 puntos en una semana ?
Para mi 40.000 puntos en una semana es una mentira!!!!!
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Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby MarceloSatinosky » Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:07 pm

Hice esta pregunta directamente a Waze varias veces pero jamas me respondieron. Seguramente porque la pregunta no tiene una respuesta "publicable".
La pregunta es : Como puede ser que un usuario acumule 38.000 puntos en una semana (por ejemplo semana del 7 septiembre usuario Riri7O : 38.141 puntos).
Como es posible que el wazer "asterix06" haya acumulado mas de 11 millones de puntos.
Segun mis cálculos, tiene que haber manejado dando la vuelta al mundo 27 veces.
Alguien podrá explicarme como se hacen semejante cantidad de puntos ?? o es una mentira de Waze
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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby iainhouse » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:33 pm

1. Weekly Scores.
It's entirely possible to earn tens of thousands of points in a week. It takes several hours, every night, of editing in areas where the map is poor or non-existent.
It's also true that the scoreboard process is frequently stuck - so high weekly totals may well be a result of several weeks-worth of driving or editing scores appearing in one go. My highest ever weekly score - 74K - is actually 2 weeks added together. Driving scores are particularly likely to have this happen

2. All-time Scores.
Years of dedicated editing can bring scores in the millions. You might not have much of a social life (I'm divorced :lol: ), but you can score a million points in a year if you don't do much else.
Also, I mentioned above that editing in areas where the map is poor or non-existent can net high scores. Years ago, the entire Waze map was like that. Editors who have been with Waze for years can have very large scores picked up in their early days.

3. Driving vs Editing.
The majority of high scores are from editing. It is possible to earn more points by editing than by driving because driving is a physical activity that takes time to perform. Yes, the weekly scoreboard always has a share of drivers - often those who have had delayed drives appear all at once. But long-term, the majority of users at the top of the scoreboards will be editors.

4. Respect.
I think your tone and your accusations are rude and unacceptable. If you continue like this, you may well find yourself receiving a forum warning or being banned. I have dedicated a large part of my life to Waze over the last 5 years and do not appreciate the suggestion that I am a liar or a cheat. Please try to be respectful. ;)
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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby fernandoanguita » Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:49 am

Estimado MarceloSatinosky,
Dear MarceloSatinosky,

Lamentablemente veo con decepción tu falta de respeto y carencia de conocimiento.

Si posteas en un foro internacional, el posteo se hace en inglés por acuerdo a las normas, el buen entendimiento y el respeto a los otros participantes.

Sorrowfully I see with deception your lack of respect and carency of knowledge.

If you post in an international forum, the post is made in English as set in the rules, better understanding and respect to the other participants.

Thus, I will continue in English.

No one here is kidding by doing a voluntary work that helps millions of users worldwide, saying more, they deserve a minimum of respect for the hard and huge work that they all have done over years of participation and commitment.

If you don't have the enough knowledge of how the community works and all users get points, it is better to ask respectfully than kicking the door of entrance to the community.

May be you know this already, as you show up here not using your real username, lying about your real identity, so if there is a liar here... that is YOU!

If you ask in the forum, you may get a proper reply; if you ask respectfully on how experienced editors gain big amounts of points for real and great improvement of the map.

The editor Riri7O has recently participated in a Mapraid in China, making big improvements to the map in that region, editing many hours during the week, besides his regular drives for his work and daily activities. If he has been active in this event, he can through hard work on edition make such amount of points or more.

Regarding Asterix06, has been with Waze community for many years, he is one of our dinosaurs contributors, has made many of Europe and Africa maps for whole countries, has dedicated thousands of hours and great amount of family time for the benefit of millions of users. I don't see why you have any arguments to freely offend such a contributor if YOU are not man enough to show your real username and work you have done.

Notice I am expressing my own opinion with my real username, and my real name, Fernando Anguita, from Chile. I have been contributing in Waze over 4 years and have more than 2 million points if you wonder.

If you make wrong points calculations, this is no excuse to offend others because of your ignorance.

But further more, hiding your username shows me that you know much more about Waze and the communities and I wonder if you may be are just hiding on a false username to come and offend because you are not happy with the results on the Mapraid you are participating.

If you cannot edit better than others, you better ask how they do it and learn from them... Offending and trolling on the forum is not welcome nor permitted by the ToS.

I can explain to anyone how to make thousands of points per day, SURE!!

This is done using many hours day after day and developing editing skills to produce great map improvement through many relevant actions to develop and update Waze map over the world with real and useful changes in a daily basis.

If you are not educated enough to have the necessary skills to do this to can develop them before come to the forum to freely offend the people that has done the work and developed the map YOU are using, and organized the communities that work around the world improving the map and application for every user... including YOU.

Man up and be honest, work to improve the map, as most of the "over the million points editors" don't care about them... we really care about how to improve the map and we work hard for it... in our free time, stealing time from our families, work and friends, for others to benefit of a better map.

If you cannot make 40.000 edits in a week is because you are not working hard and constant enough, it does not entitle you to offend anyone.

Now you have your answers, I expect you to man up enough to post your apologies to the offended editors.

Have a good and educational week.

Best regards from Talca, Chile,
Fernando Anguita Geissbuhler
GC- CM Chile- RM7 Thailand-AM Saudi Arabia
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Como editar Mapas.
Questions ??
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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby felohidalgo » Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:00 am

El principal problema MarceloSatinosky es que nunca has editado el mapa, los puntos que se obtienen manejando no son nada comparados con ayudar a la comunidad arreglando el mapa. Por eso es que no entiendes de donde vienen los puntos.
Veo que eres de argentina, tal vez te puedes poner en contacto con la comunidad local y ellos te pueden ayudar a editar el mapa.
Otro punto importante es que ya a la mayoría de nosotros los puntos NO nos importan, ni siquiera los revisamos. Eso de los puntos para las personas que señalaste es cosa del pasado.
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Re: Pregunta Puntos sin respuesta

Postby asterix06 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:51 pm

I thank you unpolitness you shiowed in your post .
First of all I would suggest to check your status compared to mine.

After that,You should know users can drive with waze on and get points from kms driven and also help the community editing the map.(that's probably what I did even if you think I am a liar.

This is not a joke and I am not either a thief or a liar.

There are a lot of other editors with the same level of points...and probably...we made all together several trips around the world !
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