Be nicer if the pacman car ranked us correctly

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Re: Be nicer if the pacman car ranked us correctly

Postby ariesboy475 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:00 am

hi bohicah,

welcome to the waze community. if you had network connection during most of your drives you will see those points show up sooner or later. The system that collects the chomping data is different than the one that displays on the web & on the client. Typically nightly they would update/sync the data to the web & client. But recently there have been too much data for their system to handle. Once they upgrade or fix their system the data should start showing up again.

In my experience, when the client crashes, it request the counter from the server. The server will not have the newly collected points since it has not been updated. So you will see the older number. Rest assured if you had network connection before the crash, those points will show up 24 - 48 hours. They've been having server issues this week so it will probably take several days to show up.

Have fun wazing and see you around the forums. :)
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Be nicer if the pacman car ranked us correctly

Postby bohicah » Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:33 am

Just a short little rant about the pacman car. I'm a truck driver and I run a team outfit. In two weeks I have run from springfield mo to lakeland fl to columbus oh to burt ny back to springfield. The week I was home I ran locally just over 500m now I went from springfield mo to las vegas nv then on to los angeles tomorrow.

My rank shows only 185 miles and I have rin over 6000m with waze on for approx 70% of the time and out of that 70% my icon was munching those dots 80% of the time. I had started at 22k and got to 39k it forclose on me and went back to 22k everytime it forcloses I lose all my points. Kinda sux but great concept I hope it takes off.
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