10,028! Thanks to Jemay and Ottonomy...

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Re: 10,028! Thanks to Jemay and Ottonomy...

Postby razor2k » Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:20 pm

There are alot of good people willing to be a mentor. I've had a couple who have helped me immensely.

Gotta love Waze!

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10,028! Thanks to Jemay and Ottonomy...

Postby Merida-SCV » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:56 pm

[I moved this from the "Community" forum to this subforum, which I hope is the right place.]

I starting editing on February 4. I've made it to the 10K club!

But this thread isn't just to brag.... I also want to thank two very experienced Wazers who are helping me learn the basic editing skills without losing patience with me. First, thanks very much for Ottonomy for his guidance, his very thoughtful and instructive PMs and his links to the relevant Wiki pages. And I must thank Jemay for his patience and guidance when I messed up the map. Every new editor should be so fortunate to have mentors like these two, who are willing to take quite a bit of time, not only to point out mistakes, but to teach how to edit in accordance with the Wiki and best practices.

All the errors were mine; all the knowledge and corrections are theirs.

And now.... on to 100K!
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