How to become a Country Manager? Requirements have changed?

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Re: How to become a Country Manager? Requirements have chang

Postby svx-biker » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:08 pm

Isthere any CM in Australia?

You may want to contact them or your community manager. See the Australia Forum.
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How to become a Country Manager? Requirements have changed?

Postby lakeyboy » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:40 am

I've noticed recently on the "Your Rank and Points" page on the wiki that the criteria for becoming an Country Manager has changed from 200,000 edits to 500,000 edits with some exceptions. I note the sentence which said these benchmarks are being looked into but I couldn't find any discussion about this topic on the forum.

My situation is that I'm in Australia, I have almost 120,000 edits which were done in the past 13 months and was looking forward to reaching the magic 200,000 mark and have country wide editing access without having to send through Area Manager forms all the time.

From what I can gather, 500,000 edits sounds realistic for countries such as the US which are large, highly populated and have many users, but for countries like mine (which is the one of the least densest countries in the world) that are still trying to establish themselves on Waze, I think half a million is an unrealistc target and detrimental to the development of the Waze map in these countries. So I'm wondering what's the criteria going to be for being granted a CM?

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