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Read Me 1st - Instructions for getting alternative routes

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These instructions are version 1.00 Last edited 1 November 2010

This forum is where you can get help when Waze only provides one route to your destination. Waze cannot route you around congested roads if the map has no alternative routes. Note that Waze may indeed have alternatives, but these are normally so bad that they are not offered to you as a choice on the client device. Nevertheless, these routes may be used if the normal route becomes too congested. You can often see more alternative routes if you choose the route on the Waze Livemap.

To create alternative routes, you follow the same process as establishing the primary route. This may be done by driving along the alternative route many times. Waze will learn which turns are allowed, and which roads exist and their direction. This can take many weeks. Map editing is faster, more complete and more accurate. But it takes more effort.

If you believe Waze should be offering you an alternative route, but you want help you must clearly give the starting and ending point of your route, so that anyone in the world can identify the place. For your privacy, I suggest you do not offer a route directly to or from your home or work. Instead choose a start and end that is close, or goes past home or work.

To ask for help, add a new topic, with the subject of the approximate area, state and country. You should give the current working route using the Livemap. Choose your route either by:
a) click on Get Directions, enter From and To addresses and click on Navigate, OR
b) click on the start point on the road, choose Set as Origin, then click on the end point on the road, choose Set as Destination

Then click on the Waze logo in the top right of the Livemap. It is mostly hidden by the Route Information box but don't close that box. Just click on the part of the Waze logo you can see. Then copy the address from the browser window that will look something like this: ... g=22487076

It would be very helpful if you also suggest an alternative route that you think should work. Either:

a) Use Google Maps to get directions from the start and end point. You can choose any alternatives that Google may offer you, or manually edit the route that is given by dragging the route to different roads. Then click on Link to generate a URL which you can copy and then paste into the forum topic, eg ... z=12&via=1
b) name the starting and ending roads in full, and roads that you think should be included in the alternative route, in full eg From Robby St, Wilsonville, Oregon USA To NE Yamhill Rd, Yamhill, Oregon, USA, using State Highway 99 West and SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd

Unpaid wazers like you, who love maps and solving puzzles, will volunteer their time to help make Waze routing work better for you. You need to be patient, polite, and be prepared to do some work yourself. You may be the only one who can edit the map in your area, but it is easy, and you'll get step-by-step instructions. We will help you to solve the problem yourself.

All the information you need for map editing can be found at . Tutorials and simple step-by-step guides will be added shortly. Reading other topics in this forum will be helpful.

The basic approach is to check that all the roads branching off the primary route exist. And that all the junctions correct allow and restrict turns from one road to another. You should focus on roads were are likely to provide a good alternative, although Waze will learn the best from a range of options.. On long routes, you may find that routing works part of the way, so the detailed work can start at the point where routing fails.

Please do not add your problem to someone else's topic – start each problem route in a new topic, even if you have more than one. Because it takes days (sometimes up to a week) for map edits to be transferred to your smartphone, you will have to wait to see if the routing works correctly. Please report back with any outstanding problems, but also report back with success, so your topic can be marked as solved.

If you don't respond to requests for additional information, or actions to take, then your topic is likely to be closed by the moderators.

If anyone complains that Waze will not provide an alternative route, please refer them to this forum.
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