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Toll roads

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:25 am
by christianTF

I‘m from the Austrian Waze community and on holiday in Greece, and thanks to the EU data roaming regulation, it it the first time to be online with Waze all the time.

As we are on holiday and have time, I turned on “Avoid toll roads” when going to the next destination.

But, unfortunately I was now sent two times into a toll station with avoiding toll routes.

Both times it was the A5:
Between Ioannina and Arta I was directly send to A5 and had to pay toll.
Again, from Arta to Amfilochia, I was routed to A5 and had to pay toll.

In both situations, there are toll-free streets to the same destinations.

Aren’t the toll motorways managed in the Greek Waze map?
I currently switched to Google Maps as it knows the toll streets and sends me to toll-free streets as I expect, if “avoid toll roads” is on.

Greetings from Austrians, currently loving the bay of Poros on Lefkada!

Re: Toll roads

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:56 am
by sonam_
Hi Christian,

Tolls are mapped on the Waze map of Greece.

This section of A5 is new and tolls have been operating relatively recently.
Thanks to your report we have found and fixed the problem. The fix should reach mobile devices within a few days. On rare occasions it can take closer to a week.

If you find another problem on the map you can report it directly through the application.

Greetings to the Austrian Waze Community,
I wish you a pleasant holiday in Lefkada!