How do I delete routes from my route archives?

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Re: How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby AlanOfTheBerg » Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:51 am

Don't forget that any other user, including area managers, cannot view the last few hundred meters of your GPS tracks as those are removed automatically from other's view. You can see it, but no one else can. Except, of course, Waze themselves. I am a privacy nut and some of what Waze and other location-based services can collect is of concern, I've been satisfied with how things work at Waze.

Don't forget your phone company and many governments track and store all your location data based on the fact that there is a phone on you. You don't have to enable GPS or anything other than associate with a cell tower. They track and store every meter of your movement. Some governments require telco providers store this information for x years and provide it to the government on demand. Waze would probably not be high on a government request for location data.

Could criminals break in to the data? Certainly. But stealing thousands of credit card account details in a keystroke is much more lucrative.
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How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby fvwazing » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:05 pm

The only reason I can see for keeping YEARS worth of Wazedata is, possibly, extracting *seasonal* patterns from the data, as in: recognizing that some roads in a touristarea are slower in summer then the rest of the year. Waze would need multiple years of data for that if they are ever going to do that.

Currently patterns are detected per day of the week, weekend/working day. I guess there is more power needed than there is in the servers today if more patternrecognition is performed on ever more (older) data, so that is why it is not yet done.

I am a bit astouned that many of my rides stored show a travelling distance of 0km, probably created whenever I switch Waze on on my phone. Automatically throwing those away would tidy things up a bit without compromising accuracy.
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Re: How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby hallmike » Fri Jul 01, 2011 2:55 pm

You can't. Waze keeps them all for historical data.
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Re: How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby RallyChris » Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:50 pm

Well, that is your choice. But that is part of "user submission of data" part of the terms of services. But I don't blame you for looking at that potential. But like any technology, people can do wrong things when they have access to data. I would just note, that if you are worried about burglars, then don't use any location aware service. You tweet you are having a fun time at the concert... potentially someone could get that data and know you are not home. You use Google maps to find a location, well your phone just used it's GPS and told Google where you are, they also keep all location data for data analysis.

The only difference is that some of this data is visible in the map editor for the purpose of building better maps.

From a visibility perspective, I can tell you that as a long time user and area manager, I (as a non-waze employee) cannot tell who specifically laid a particular gps point, or route. Yes, through Cartouche (the map editor) Anyone can view all gps points, which are anonimized and not timestamped in our view of the data. And other users routes if they generate a map problem.

I'm personally not concerned by this, as this data is all time delayed by server processing. In theory it should be about one day delayed, but with popularity it has been longer lately. With this delay, the only details they can get, is that you have a smart phone and use this software, and that you drive places. Also per support they truncate the ends of all trips when viewed by other users, so that exactly end locations are not view able.
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Re: How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby The Fej » Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:40 am

@xprsg - beyond what is written above, the delete route item is on our agenda for development. We have to see when we fit it in the development cycle. GPS points are already visible today up to a month at most, after which they are archived and not visible in the editor and, as mentioned by AlanOfTheBerg, the first/last 500 meters of travel are not visible to Wazers other than the respective owner.

Reason we do keep historical information is for extracting additional data when we improve our algorithms, whereas then we rerun the process on the data accumulated and the more data exist per segment, the better the results are.

Regardless, a Waze user can be totally anonymous and not provide any details (only thing we collect for enabling forum communication and editing is email and that of course could be a special email designated just for that purpose) and it should be noted we do not collect phone number or device identity either.
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How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby xprsg » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:03 am

There doesn't seem to be a way to delete routes from my route archive.

How do I delete the ones I don't want?
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Re: How do I delete routes from my route archives?

Postby xprsg » Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:14 pm

OOoooohh .. that's not good .. that's not good at-all.

That could be a serious privacy issue with this. Community and all is good, but considering that this data is not anonymised in any way and I can't delete any of my routes which have clear association with where I live and how much I travel, what times I am at home, and when I will be away .. think of how much fun criminals can have with this data, let alone govt agencies who can simply request it :o

See this as an example of what happens with good intentions and anonymity (then think what can happen when each of these routes are associated with real live people) ... eed-traps/

I was going to become an avid user, but looks like this will put me off Waze, will sleep on it and see how it feels tomorrow morning.
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