'Prevent Auto-Lock' functionality questions

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'Prevent Auto-Lock' functionality questions

Postby gettingthere » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:20 am

FWIW, I had always play to speaker set to no during the testing above.
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'Prevent Auto-Lock' functionality questions

Postby JulesTohpipi » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:03 am


I've just upgraded to v3.2 and notice that the new 'Prevent Auto-Lock' feature has slightly different functionality compared to the old 'Keep Backlight On.'

Under the 'Keep Backlight On' feature then my iPhone would never go to sleep - regardless of the application I was in. For example, if I opened Safari (with Waze running in the background) then Safari would remain on the screen indefinitely. (As a brief aside, I quite liked this aspect of the feature because it meant I could still get Waze's spoken directions in the background while viewing traffic information from other sources in Safari. The phone would never go to sleep mid-journey and it was easy to flip back to Waze when required.)

However, under v3.2, while 'Prevent Auto-Lock' works perfectly when Waze is running in the foreground, it will cease to function if Waze is running in the background. Meaning that if Waze is running in the background then the phone goes to sleep - even if 'Prevent Auto-Lock' is enabled.

So I'm wondering:

1) Is this a bug in 'Prevent Auto-Lock' or is it a deliberate change to the feature?
(If it's a deliberate change, then ultimately I suppose there's arguments both ways for how it should work - albeit my preference is for the old way).

2) In the new version, if I do relegate Waze to running in the background, such that the iPhone goes to sleep after a couple of minutes, then is Waze counting my miles and points as I travel in this sleep mode? I assume so, but wonder if anyone can confirm.

I'm running on an iPhone 4 under iOS 5.01
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