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Re: No GPS

Postby Daknife » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:46 am

I have the Dual150 GPS, you have to go into the devices settings and tell it to allow Mock GPS data, but then it works like a charm. It came with full instructions.

Note there are less expensive ones out there, I imagine they work fairly well, but I have no experience with them Amazon linky
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Re: No GPS

Postby TenorDriver » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:53 am

I have the same problem. always 'no gps'. I will delete the app. It is useless. Too bad, it worked well for awhile.
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Re: No GPS

Postby erezz123 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:21 pm

I found a fix! it's not a perfect fix but it does the job.
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Re: No GPS

Postby hebermc » Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:53 am

In Android you can use the following app to figure out if your phone is getting the gps signal: ... tus2&hl=en

If it fails you can try two things:
1) Restart the phone
2) Reset a-gps:
a) Menu / Tools / manage aGPS state.
b) Select 'Reset' to clear the internal state of the GPS.
c) Select 'Download' to re-download the assistance data. You will need an active internet connection at this step.
d) Close the GPS Status application for 10 seconds.
e) Go outside and find a spot where large part of the sky is visible.
Make sure you have the 'Keep the screen on' settings turned on (in Menu / Settings / Display & Tools'.
e) Let the program run and try to acquire your GPS position

If you live in a area with loads of buildings try going to a park for a first lock, in my experience older phones have bad gps, my Galaxy Ace 2 takes minutes to get a GPS lock while my Galaxy S4 takes just a few seconds.
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Re: No GPS

Postby Beezer69 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:11 pm

I found the problem and the solution for me at least!

I have a note2, and it was doing the same thing. Waze was useless as I never had GPS. I even had considered upgrading my phone, as reinstalling Waze didn't help.

The problem is the phone overheats when Waze in on, and for some reason that affects the GPS. I know this is true, because my son-in-law told me about a phone Holder that used the A/C vents to hold the phone, so cold air constantly blows on my phone and keeps it cool. When I'm using Waze and it is in the phone Holder, it never loses GPS.

I think if you open Waze and keep it next the the A/C vents (obviously with cool air coming out of them), you will find that Waze will not lose GPS.

I had given up on Waze until I stumbled upon this fix
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