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Re: stubborn waze

Postby wolfii » Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:29 am

I have the same issue here in Sweden.
I don't know about your route, but route is very obvious that Waze behaves strangly.

I was driving from south on the highway E22 and was going to make a left turn to the minor highway called "34". Intead Waze suggested that i should drive another 1324 meter and take the left turn to the road called "Sandviksvägen".

Here is the permalink where i marked the suggested route from Waze:,164207924,163971629,163971634,163971633,90760636,164207922,164207925,163775664,163775527

I love Waze... but this kinda makes me wonder sometimes...
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stubborn waze

Postby hohum3001 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:43 am

(another whine. When I complain though, what I mean is "f... waze is awesome! but this thing is slightly annoying" - so pls - no jumping down my throat - k?)

2 things I noted about how stubborn waze is:

1) every day waze tells me to go the slow way because theoretically it's faster. It has data on the "slow" (my) way, but obviously it doesn't on the "fast" (it's) way. But hey - actual real world information has got to be wrong, right? (that's how it feels - sorry about "them's fightin words"). Yes, I've checked the route - it's ok - if I select a slower route from the options it'll take me home ok. Yes, I've driven home the wrong way once to "teach" waze how much slower it is, but I'm sorry - I just can't keep doing that - I have a 3 year old in the car whose bowel/bladder control isn't mature yet. This insistence of Waze's on ignoring me makes me feel unimportant so I jump on to forums and say bad stuff.

2) I am where waze says I am & don't let the GPS say any different; the GPS is wrong. I have tested this I think well. Waze tells me to go home via route A. If I drive route B instead but can't tell Waze I'm going route B instead (because I'm driving) then Waze will do everything it can to put my car (& subsequently routing) where it thinks I SHOULD be rather than where I actually am. How do I now this? Because without fail if I select route B and drive route B, then Waze puts my car where it is accurately. To me (judge, jury & executioner) this is proof conclusive that waze is putting more weight in it's own algorithms that actual data. Stubborn waze.

The strange routes waze thinks it's faster, and waze's insistence that they are, makes me doubt how good waze is in other areas - like avoidance.

The drives I do are from the lower north shore of Sydney to the inner west over Sydney Habour Bridge, which I think waze just can't handle.

So there. Take that. Awesome app. I'll continue to use it in the hope that one day waze might save me a minute or two :)
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