How is it possible to get more than 30,000 points in a week?

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Re: How is it possible to get more than 30,000 points in a w

Postby Daknife » Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:19 am

To be honest I don't know what happened in your case. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you were inadvertently doing something substantially wrong. I hope some more experienced Waze Champs who've dealt with suspensions more than I have (I've only had to request one suspension) will wander in here and give you better info.
But from what I've seen, suspensions are not supposed to be without merit. What I do know from what I went through and what I've seen discussed here is that it does require merit and good reason to invoke a suspension. And the basis of my advice is that the best way to avoid such merit is to be involved in the discussions here because the standards do change.

I'd also ask have you been advised of local editors to contact regarding your suspensions and if so have you tried discussing the why behind the suspensions. It's supposed to be a last ditch effort, and in my one case it was because he was ignoring multiple PM's from me and other editors asking him to change his ways.

Hopefully with over 100k edits under your belt you won't run into that problem again, I doubt your suspensions were for mere points in a week, unless they had evidence of you causing problems in your efforts to achieve points (such as double mapping roads for example where you lay a new road on top of an existing one.) Or some other form of vandalism, my problem child editor had figured out I was the one undoing many of his problem edits and took to dropping insults to me into the descriptions of some of the things he was landmarking(bodies of water that are already on the uneditable water layer). That I ignored, but then he dropped one into the name of an actual road. That was vandalism and that went too far and was what finally got me to request a suspension.)

Hope to see you around the forums more. Reading the Wiki is good, but keeping active in the forums is key as the standards do change and sometimes it takes a while to get the Wiki updated. For example the US Landmark page is basically empty because we were discussing what should be landmarked. The discussion died off with a fairly firm (in my opinion) consensus but the Wiki hasn't been updated yet, so I've been pointing people to that thread when they have questions about what to landmark.
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