Are you able to only show friends on map? Set up groups?

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Are you able to only show friends on map? Set up groups?

Postby Mark-FDUK » Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:40 pm

Just got this app so apologies if these are dumb questions:

* First of all are you able to set it to only show your friends on the map?
* Are you able to set up a Groups? So you can choose to show just those from a Group at a certain time?

The second one would be really handy. I am a moderator on a car forum, like with most car clubs its very common to meet up, go for a drive in convoy etc. This app could work very well if you could set those up in your meet as a Group, then everyone appears together on the map. Great for arranging meeting points or helping those who have got lost meet up with everyone again. Also it would be good to have your car club members in a group, then when you're out and about you could see if anyone is near by or you're driving by someones house. This would encourage a lot of users of this App I believe and would also encourage people to have it on more of the time rather than just when they are taking a journey where they need Sat Nav
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