Prefer Bluetooth...doesn't?

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Prefer Bluetooth...doesn't?

Postby Maranello575 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:15 pm

WAZE is fantastic! I especially like the ability for voice navigation to be routed through my Bluetooth speakerphone. However, I pipe music from the iPhone into my car stereo via the iPhone headphone jack. Here is the issue:

If I plug in the headphone jack, THEN start WAZE, voice navigation comes over the bluetooth initially. If I switch apps and come back to WAZE, the voice navigation then begins to come through the headphone jack. Nothing I do seems to switch it back to Bluetooth, including toggling the "Prefer Bluetooth" setting, turning the bluetooth on/off, etc.

This is also true if I launch WAZE and THEN plug the cord into the headphone jack.

In short - prefer bluetooth works for voice navigation UNTIL I switch apps or plug something into the headphone jack after launching the app.

Anybody else seeing this? (iOS 6.1.2)


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