Recalculating Route Ruins Waze

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Re: Recalculating Route Ruins Waze

Postby yorch_ve » Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:55 pm

unwallflower wrote:
im agree hehe and also how can i do to really "cancel" the navigation, when im using the navigation feature and if try to “stop it” I cant it just kepp telling me where to go! Hehe

Press the yellow/green bar at the very bottom of the screen while navigating. Then select "stop navigation". Voila... stopped.

BTW will be nice to just select a place on the map (touching the screen on my moto-droid) and say: take me here. Cuse right now if you don’t find the place your going on “address” or if you don’t have it on “favorites” you cant use the navigate to take you there even if you know the place of it on the map

Yes, you can. This is already a feature. Long press ON the street (it's very sensitive... you have to press ON the street exactly) that you want to navigate to, and then click "set as destination".

thx bro! ill try both cuse im pretty sure that i tried to stop the navigation like u said, but then my cel ran out of signal and when i got it again it starts the navigation by itself again =P

and for the navigation destination, i will have tu zoom +10x in first to see if it works ;-)
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