MTE: Dublin Great Pink Run (27/08/16)  Topic is solved

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MTE: Dublin Great Pink Run (27/08/16)  Topic is solved

Postby lsin023 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:06 am

MTE (Major Traffic Event): Dublin Great Pink Run
Date: 27/08/16 (Sat)
Official website: here
Official Road Closure info:
Official Road Closure overview map: here
Waze Road Closure Sheet: via WME [Status: Uploaded*]

(*) Status:
  • Pending
    Your contribution is needed! Help us to fill up the Waze Road Closure Sheet above for this MTE. Please review this presentation first before providing closure data.
    (Note: the columns "F:Segments ID's" and "J:# Segments" are auto-filled using information from the column "G:Permalink" via formulas in columns F and J).
  • Uploaded
    Data submitted to Waze, help not needed!
  • [ img ]
    All the closures are set on Waze servers.
For more information:
Major traffic events (Wiki)
If a road closure is part of a large event, it can be submitted to Waze as a Major Traffic Event (MTE). MTEs are generally determined by the scale of the event and how many people will be impacted.
How to submit the closure information of an event to Waze?
  1. Submit the basic information of the event (name, dates, website, scale) through this MTE Submission Form and wait for Waze to contact you by email. Please note that all accepted MTE submissions are also posted to this Waze Mini Site.
  2. Fill up the MTE Road Closure Sheet (Google shared spreadsheet) received by email or published on the Waze mini-site with all the Road Closure details.
  3. Submit the MTE Road Closure Sheet to Waze.
  4. Waze upload the Road Closure details to their servers. Depending on the scale of the event, Waze can publish the event on Waze Major Events and/or notify local Wazers by a push message on their device.
Based on the events supported by Waze in the past, a list of upcoming events is published on Waze MTE Plan
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