Some feature requests on reports

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Some feature requests on reports

Postby EmperorKO » Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:55 pm

Hey folks. Ran a quick forum search before I posted and didn't see any true discussions of these. Some things I'd like to see improved in Reports:

1. "Both lanes" option. More often than not, when reporting something like police locations, they can cover both lanes of traffic in their speed traps. I'd hate to see someone get pinched by a cop because the alert only notifies people in one direction. Same thing with construction zones - most often covering both lanes.

2. I didn't see an option to report disabled vehicles IN THE ROAD. I've reported countless cars stopped on shoulders, but twice in the past week I had to fudge a way to report a disabled vehicle in the middle of the driving lane itself.

3. Please add the ability to report things that are not directly in your line of travel. Perhaps a long-tap on the screen at a specific location could give the option to submit a report? There have been a few times where a major hazard has been off on a side road, or I was not able to report it anywhere near the true location. I know that the report function saves the location at the time the button is pressed, but sometimes not even that is practical when driving (i.e. on interstates traveling at 70 mph).
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Re: Some feature requests on reports

Postby dmcconachie » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:34 pm

1 and 3 have been discussed and requested many times. Have a look at the waze uservoice sites.

2 I agree with. Add it to uservoice and post the url here so others can vote!
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