Suggestions for Road Types

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Re: Suggestions for Road Types

Postby Timbones » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:28 pm

There are definitions for all the road types in the Wiki:

(There are variations for other countries)
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Re: Suggestions for Road Types

Postby swaanson » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:44 pm

I have heard it before but haven't found it mentioned in a while:
Why not add a selection in addition to road types called surface type:

Surface types:



tickbox: Unpaved



This would make things a ton simpler and dirt/4x4 can be a "no normal access" road but a treat for my KTM :)
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Suggestions for Road Types

Postby DallasGrant » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:09 pm

First of all, I would like to offer a suggestion on towards road type definitions:

Streets: In town streets that are not primary routes with typical speeds of 30 Mph (50 Kph) or less
Primary Street: Well traveled route with speeds typically between 30-45 Mph (50-75 Kph)
Minor Highway: Any paved highway with typical speeds of 50-60 Mph (80-95 Kph)
Major Highway: Typically 2-lane (one for each direction) Highways that are major routes covering multiple counties or states. Typical speeds of 55-65 Mph (90-105 Kph)
Freeway: Typically 4 or more lanes of traffic and often has exits and entrances with typical speeds over 60 Mph (95 Kph)
Dirt Roads: I wish the 4x4 trails were not part of this because I think dirt road and 4x4 trails differently ... I don't imagine a car going to drive on an actual 4x4 trail ... I do believe unless we add an alleyway option, we should choose dirt road for all alleyways
Service Road: This is obvious that a service road is a road that is not to be driven by the public. I would like to see the map automatically give no access to these roads and not suggest these roads as a spot to turn around.
Parking Lot Road: Main roads around a parking lot. I would say the the entrance and exit of a parking lot and the perimeter and the best paths to get to the front doors with the remainder of the lot filled in as the parking lot landmark. I say this because I often see Waze created alerts reporting the unbalance of the GPS data and the map based road information if it is not defined as a parking lot
Private Road: I believe the private roads should automatically be considered 2 way and not be able to turn into. I also they should not be as noticeably on the map. It should be as noticeable as a dirt road. I also don't believe it should wait for wazers to drive these paths to become the less distinctive road pattern (currently shows as munchable roads but since they are private roads, I can't munch them because they are private roads sometimes even blocked by a gate.
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Re: Suggestions for Road Types

Postby CBenson » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:32 pm

This a well worn topic with a multitude of posts here. My initial thought is that the standards between various regions and countries are different and well enough established such that it is practically meaningless to talk about road types generally. I think you really need to establish what country or region you are talking about and likely take the discussion to the appropriate subforum.

Some of your feature requests such as automatically giving no access to service roads are directly contrary to the current usage of these roads (at least in the US). Service roads are not currently used to indicate a road that is not driven by the public, but rather a to indicate a frontage road. I would think that making service roads no access would be a fairly large change.
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