Today, in France, first average speed radar

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Re: Re: Re: Today, in France, first average speed radar

Postby dmcconachie » Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:42 pm

JAAP99 wrote:
dmcconachie wrote:Please read the rest of the thread before posting exactly the same question!
We have these in the UK, existing speedcam reporting works adequately, no need to rush to add anything new.
As an aside, I hate these things but my they are effective!

I don’t think such, and other previous messages feel the same way …
Take a look to verify if they are effective:

I don't need to take a look, I've seen with my own eyes as traffic slows down.

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Re: Today, in France, first average speed radar

Postby qmuller » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:11 pm

Hi everyone !
First of all, thanks to all developers and designers (and who it may concern) for providing such a great app. You really did great work !

Now to this thread : From my daily usage I know that as soon as I see a speedcam on Waze's map, I check my speed even if the cam is on the opposite side. But as soon as I passed the cam I readapt my speed :-)

The statement with with those average speed sections (monitored by a plate reader when you enter and another one when you leave) is that you are absolutely not allowed to drive faster than allowed, because if you do so, you lose precious points on your driving license. The other statement is that there is no rule how long the sections are.
The last statement is that the french government puts them everywhere ...

So, my biggest wish to Waze would be : The possibility to declare on one point that there is a speed trap on one location (this is not new :-)) Then in a contextual interface, that it's an average speed trap which is linked to another plate reader located in another location. The interface would then wait to get the other location (provided by me).

Then, for other users, once the average-speed-section has been declared in Wazes database, one would be warned like a standard speed trap, but as soon as you enter the section a flashing speed sign (50 / 90 / 110 / 130 for France for example) would display with a tiny info "Maintain your speed for n kms/miles" (With "n" counting to the other plate-reader located at the end of the section)

Hope, this helps, and do not hesitate to contact me if you want me to to some screenshots ... if my request is feasible and some devs want to look into it.

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Re: Today, in France, first average speed radar

Postby tellytart » Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:38 pm

I can see both sides here, but really, obeying the speed limit is the job of the driver. The speed cameras locations exist as an aide memoir to the speed limit of the road you're travelling on, but you shouldn't rely on them.

In fact, in some countries it's actually illegal to use a device (radar or GPS) that will alert you to the location of speed cameras.

In France, since January 2012 it is illegal to be warned about the positions of fixed or mobile speed cameras, and if you do use such a device you face a fine of up to €1500. TomTom now use "danger zones" to show you areas where speed cameras are, but not their actual locations.

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein it's plain illegal to use any device to warn you of locations of speed cameras.
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Re: Today, in France, first average speed radar

Postby klunk » Wed Apr 03, 2013 9:28 pm

I drive on a road that has an 8 mile section of average speed cameras, I know about this road but I would still like to see this option available. Fixed camera indicators dont cut it, to be honest, especially when the road had a number of fixed position cameras removed when the average cameras were commissioned which for some reason I am not able to remove from the map. There is enough noise on this road as it it, it would be much nicer just to have an indication that there are average speed cameras along this route.
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Re: Today, in France, first average speed radar

Postby davipt » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:22 pm

There has been some discussions about this in Portugal but everything gets stalled due to burocracy. Simply put the discussion has been, if these are ever enabled, about driving above the limit, as usual, then stop at a rest area to compensate the average.
Now transposing this into an app is quite complicated. The app would need to be aware of the entry point, measure the speed *without major deviations* all the time, and then be smart to know the exit point, the legal average, the current average, and start yelling like "drive at 50kmh for the next 5km to compensate the time you were at 180 you bitch".

Waze can't even warn properly if one accelerates or breaks at the wrong dozen meters before the radar.

Heck, last weeks it even warns me about radars nearby but not even near my route.

So no don't expect this any soon.

My advice? Put a radar every km on that segment from entry to exit point >:)

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Re: Today, in France, first average speed radar

Postby glenan56 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:11 am

davipt wrote:
My advice? Put a radar every km on that segment from entry to exit point >:)

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Yes but how you do that ?
Because in editor always impossible to add radar.
In France many people thought that waze staff doesn't really listen to users or editors complaints.

You can easily see here from what date this issue is discussed without any solution.
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