Usability Around Messaging

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Usability Around Messaging

Postby twsitedpixel » Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:20 pm

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy using Waze everyday, however, I have found one of the core areas about the application (the Community) aspect is very lacking and poorly implemented. The messaging feature of the application could be very powerful and useful, but the way its implemented in the application makes it far from desirable and quite frankly useless. As a community based application communication is just as key as gathering the group consensus through the members input. The biggest problem with the messaging is it's basically a single message with no way to have a community based conversation, or even individual conversation. What good does it do for me to write a message that asks about a traffic situation, when i can only get a response and I cannot follow up or prompt more details. The reply function is useless and the interface is flawed based upon the message interface conventions in the sending area. There is no send button, just done. Did i send a reply? Beats me. The inbox is also useless since you cannot act upon any message in there. Why show messages you cannot respond too. The ability to reply is only active if you catch the message in flight, which we all know isn't optimal when on the go. I'd love to assist in updating and making this feature much more beneficial. I am still trying to figure out what purpose it serves based upon how it is in the app now. Anyone find it useful or am I missing something? It would be great to extend the community aspect to real community and not just crowd sourcing data to create better maps. In most cases the maps are not the feature we want, its the details of the daily drive and the people on the way.
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Re: Usability Around Messaging

Postby orbitc » Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:38 am

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